To us, home automation is not the future but the need of the hour. AV Expert can make everything at home work together the way you want them to; automatically. With our custom home automation solutions, you no longer need multiple remotes just to watch television; or a wall filled with switches and knobs that take multiple attempts to find the right switch for the right light. You can now take control of your entire home, including but not limited to air conditioning, fans, lights, curtains and more. It is time to embrace the comfort and convenience of a technology filled lifestyle with limitless possibilities. From email and video alerts of visitors or trespassers, to panic buttons that enable a senior loved one at home to summon emergency help in the event of a medical crisis, fire or burglary we offer a host of home control systems that guarantee a sound night’s sleep. The objective always is to tailor home security systems to fit the uniqueness of every home, and not going over the top. Because life is indeed better when simplified..


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